Academic Info


Southwood Elementary School provides classes for its students in Art, Media, Music, and P.E. Classes rotate through the classes on a weelky rotation.


Students who qualify as Academically Gifted are identified in the second grade and may receive resource assistance in the fourth and fifth grades if they meet state and local standards.

Computer and Technology

Southwood has two Mac desktop computer labs, two Macbook carts, two IPAD carts, and a Chromebook cart. Each classroom is equipped with a Smartboard, Document Camera, and at least three Chromebooks. During the 2016-17 school year we will be adding ten Chromebook carts to our school, a Green Screen, and an HP Sprout. Technology is an integral part of the education that we provide to our students.

Testing Program/Calendar

Southwood Elementary School follows the testing schedule established by Davidson County Schools and the North Carolina State Department of Public Instruction. For more information, please click on the testing button on the Davidson County Schools web page.


North Carolins's Standard Course of Study determines curriculum in all schools and in all subjects. The appropriate curriculum is used throughout the state in each grade level and in each subject area, thus offering a uniform curriculum for all of North Carolina's students. It is upon that standard curriculum that all statewide testing is based. Teachers use their professional skills, unique creativity, and varied resources to teach the various concepts required in the Standard Course of Study.

A "Reader's Workshop model" approach to reading instruction is used. All students participate in these daily literacy blocks: shared reading using appropriate grade level text, small group guided reading using leveled text, self-selected reading using independent leveled text of the student's choice, word/phonics/vocabulary, and writing. Students are encouraged to read a variety of genre for a variety of purposes. A "home reading program" emphasizes the importance of reading for pleasure as a life-long goal.

Math is taught through the use of hands-on activities using manipulatives to make learning more concrete.

Science and social studies are taught through units and projects.