What Is PBIS

PBIS stands for Positive Behavior Intervention Support. Southwood is a PBIS school. Our plan includes recognizing star behavior. At Southwood we want to act like STARS. STARS are:






During the first weeks of the school year, students watch the PBIS videos to learn the school expectations for each area. Teachers work with students to gain skills in appropriate behaviors for each area of the school: classroom, cafeteria, playground, bus, hallway, bathroom, enrichment, and car riders.

Students and classrooms are rewarded with a star for their classroom bucket when appropriate behavior is recognized by another staff member. When classroom reach specific goals, 50, 100, 150, 200, and 250, they become part of that club. Upon reaching a club goal, the class earns a classroom reward and a large star is placed on the club board in the cafeteria. So...as you visit and eat lunch with your child, see where your child's class is at on the club boards! Teachers also set smaller classroom rewards.

PBIS Referral Form

Who Should I refer to PBIS?

  • A student that frequently doesn't follow directions.
  • A student that has had more than three minor incident referrals in a month.
  • A student that disrupts your class for an extended period of time daily.
  • A student that frequently requires your attention and keeps you from instructing the rest of the class.
  • A student that you have tried at least two interventions with to address the behavior(s) of concern.