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  Hello there!  My name is Thompson Skeen, and this is my 25th year of teaching.  I grew up in Denton, NC.  I graduated from the University of Georgia with a Bachelor of Science in Education.  After college, I taught at a wonderful school named Lee Street Elementary in Jonesboro, Georgia (just south of Atlanta) for 11 years.  In 2007, I moved back to Davidson County, & I have taught P.E. at several terrific schools around the county.  I am excited to be teaching Physical Education at Southwood & Stoner Thomas now!  I am at Stoner Thomas on Monday & Tuesday, & I am at Southwood on Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday.  Students, please remember to wear safe shoes on your P.E. days (no high heels, sandals, or flip flops).  As always, the most important rule in P.E. is to be safe.  I want everyone to have fun in P.E., & remember to always try your best!
Coach Skeen
*Below, there are lessons, activities, and links to videos that I posted in the spring of 2020 when we went remote.  I am leaving these on here so that you can go back & try them any time you'd like.


Hello Southwood Stars!  I hope you all are doing well, I sure miss seeing you here at school.  While you are at home, I am going to remind you of a couple of things you can do to stay active.  Recently, with our Kindergarten, 1st, & 2nd grade classes, we have been talking about the 8 locomotor movements: walking, hopping, jumping, leaping, skipping, sliding, galloping, & running.  If you can find an area to practice these, that would be awesome!  It’s fun to turn on some music while you do them, & you could alternate doing each movement for 30 seconds to 60 seconds.  Remember, you can perform different types of walks (walking on heels, walking on your toes, walking like a giant, speed walking, etc.).  Also, if you are having any trouble with skipping, you can slow down the skip, & just skip in place (“Step… hop, step… hop”).  3rd, 4th, & 5th grades, even though we haven’t focused on these movements this year, you can still perform them for some great exercise.  So turn on some
fun music & get fit with the locomotor movements!

All grades have taken part in a basketball unit over the last few weeks.  Kindergarten & 1st grades focused on dribbling & shooting, while 2nd, 3rd, 4th, & 5th grades worked on dribbling, passing, & shooting the basketball. Students, if you have a basketball, or a rubber playground ball (kickball), you can practice dribbling & shooting the ball.  Remember the cues ofdribbling, (1) keep the ball low, & dribble straight up & down, like an elevator, (2) dribble with your finger pads, (3) learn to keep your head & eyes up as you dribble, & (4) learn to dribble with both your left & right hand, equally.  Don’t get frustrated if you are having a hard time
learning to keep your head & eyes up, or dribbling with your non-dominant hand.  These are skills that take a lot
of practice, so it’s okay if you make a mistake.  The more you practice, the better you’ll get!  You can also work on your basketball shooting form, even if you don’t have a basketball goal (just don’t break anything in the house!).  Remember “BEEF” when shooting the basketball:


(on the target)

(bent & lined up to shoot)

 Follow Through (your hand goes forward on the release, putting backspin on the ball; “it looks like you’re taking cookies from the cookie jar”)

Again, I think it’s fun to play music while doing any of these things. Specifically, you can dribble the ball for a minute or two with each hand, & then switch (right hand, left hand, dribble while alternating hands).  If you have a basketball goal to shoot on, you can have fun shooting & dribbling.  When you practice lay-ups, remember to jump off that opposite foot. 

 I hope this gives you a couple of ideas for exercise while you are out.  Stay safe, & I hope to see you all back soon!


Coach Thompson Skeen


            Hello again Stars! I hope you all are doing well… I miss you all! Have you been able to get some exercise in during your time at home? I hope so! Below, I am going to list a little workout routine that you can do at home to get your muscles working & blood pumping!


-march in place for 1 minute.

-cross crawls for 30 seconds (right hand to left knee, left hand to right knee; *to make it a bit more challenging, you can touch your elbow to knee).

-reverse cross crawls for 30 seconds (reach back & touch left foot with right hand, & then right foot with left hand).

-jog in place for 1 minute.

-jump rope for 30 seconds (use the “invisible rope”).

-slide your feet side to side for 1 minute.

-jumping jacks for 30 seconds.


-perform 5 to 10 squats (to add a little extra exercise, you can go up on your toes after each squat to strengthen your calf muscles).

-perform 10 small arm circles forward, & 10 backward.

-perform 10 big arm circles forward, & 10 backward.

-perform 5 to 10 push-ups (to make these a little easier, you can put your knees on the floor; try to keep your back straight).

-perform 10 shoulder presses (pretend like you are lifting weights over your head).

-perform 10 arm curls (pretend like you are curling weights up toward your chest).

-perform 10 shoulder shrugs.


If these activities sound familiar, it’s because they are! These are some of the things we have done to warm up at times this year during P.E. If you put these things together, it will give you a pretty good workout. If you are still feeling energetic after you get done with all the exercises, you can try to go through them a second time! I think it makes it more fun to put on some of your favorite music while you do it. Give it a try & let me know what you think when we get back to school. I think I’m going to go do a workout myself! I appreciate you taking the time to try this. Like I said, I miss you all, & I look forward to seeing you in May!




Coach Thompson Skeen


Remote P.E. Lesson #3

Hello again Stars! I hope you all are doing well. I’m still missing all of you! Below, I am providing 3 links to activities that you can try if you would like. The first is a video on Youtube created by a P.E. Teacher named Michael Ginicola, where you get to choose the character you like best, & then perform the designated exercise for that character for 30 seconds. A few of these moves are fairly advanced, so you can modify them however you would like. It’s a fun activity! My boys (Tre & Drew) really enjoyed it. The next link is a funny video from It’s the “Chicken Dance,” which a lot of you have done before. Can you dance to this video without laughing or getting tickled? My boys can’t (neither can I!). The last activity is a scavenger hunt that you can do in the house. It was created by a P.E. teacher named Chance Condran. Take a look at it & see what you think (make sure you let your parents know what you are doing, & put everything back when you are finished!). I hope you all enjoy your break next week, & I will write you again soon!



 Thank you,


Coach Skeen


Remote  P.E. Lesson #4

            Hello Stars!  Below, I am providing a link to Mike Morris’s P.E. Youtube channel. Mike is an incredible P.E. Teacher, & he has some awesome activities that you can try.  These include some P.E. activities you can do at home. So take a look & see what you think!  I miss you all very much!


Thank you,


Coach Skeen

Remote P.E. Lesson #5

Hey there Stars! I hope you guys are all doing well. I was so sad last week when I got the news about school. I am really missing seeing you all so much. I will continue to send out ideas for exercise to you in the coming weeks. Today, I am going to post links to 2 more YouTube channels below.

The first is “Cosmic Kids Yoga.” Here, Jaime Amor leads you through the activities. She is a yoga instructor from Reading, England. She graduated from Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, where she studied acting, so you will see she takes you through the workouts with lots of enthusiasm & creativity!   There are all sorts of videos to choose from, & different themes, including “Star Wars,” “Frozen,” & “Harry Potter.” There are dances, videos for younger & older children, etc. I have to admit I am not an expert on yoga, but there was a time (in my younger years) that I was doing yoga once a week as part of my workout routine, & once I got the hang of it, it really made me feel stronger, more flexible, & more relaxed. This might be a good time for me to start doing it again!

The second link is to a YouTube page created by Ben Pirillo. Ben is a fantastic P.E. Teacher in Plano, Texas. I have been fortunate to see him present ideas at P.E. Conferences that I have attended in the past. If you check out his YouTube page, you will see at the top his page he has created a bunch of videos titled “Active at Home.” These will give you a lot of ideas of things you might like to try at your house (as always, with your parents’ permission)!

Okay boys & girls, take a look at these links & see what you think. Remember, I want you to choose activities right now that you enjoy, & that get you some good exercise for 30 to 60 minutes a day. I have been trying my best to do the same. Take care, & stay safe!





Coach Thompson Skeen


  Remote P.E. Lesson #6          


             Hello Stars!  I hope you all have had a good week.  I have enjoyed seeing your “Spirit Week” pictures that you’ve sent in!  Have you guys been able to get some exercise?  It’s important during this time to remember to take care of yourself, & one way of doing that is making sure you are getting that exercise each day. 

Below, I am going to provide you a couple of more links that you can take a look at when you have time.  The first is a “Kidz Bop” dance along video.  It has several songs you can dance along to with the kids.

 The second link takes you to some videos from “Fresh Start Fitness” located on the GoNoodle website.  These are some pretty intense workouts to music that will definitely get your muscles working!

I hope you enjoy these dances & workouts!  Remember, when you watch these videos, at any time if you want to change something, that is fine.  You can make movements easier, or you can intensify them.  Do whatever works for you.  The main thing is, I want you to move & have fun!  I will talk to you all again next week.  Stay safe, & have a wonderful weekend!


Thank you,


Coach Skeen

May 18, 2020
Hello Stars! I enjoyed seeing all of the great ideas you had for “BRAIN BOOSTER WEEK!"   I want to let you know that this week is our “Field Day Challenge Week.” During this week, we would like for you to take part in the activity of the day. There are different options for each activity that you can choose from each day. If you can, have someone take a picture, or video, of you performing the activity, & you can send it in to us to be put on our website. You can send these to Mrs. Crotts, our media specialist, at: , or on dojo, & she will post them.  Or, you send them to me at: , or through dojo, & I will get them to her!  Pictures & videos can be put on our school Facebook page, only pictures can go on our school website. Below, I am posting the theme of each day:

Monday - Move It Monday! - Run, run as fast as you can! Get outside & run a 50, 100, or even 200 yard dash! Better yet, run them all (just make sure to take some water breaks)! How fast can you do each one? If you are more of a distance runner, go for a jog with a parent!

Tuesday - Hop to it Tuesday! - Do a hopping challenge with some of your family! You can perform the sack race by hopping from a starting line to a finish line (just pretend like you have an imaginary sack to step into, & you can use anything available to mark where the starting & finish lines are). Also, you can try to hop up & down during an entire song, or jump rope to a song. Now go get hopping!

Wednesday - Water Wednesday! - I know you all love these water events at field day! If you have a sponge at home, you can soak it & toss it back & forth with a family member, or just toss it up to yourself & work on catching it with your hands. If you happen to have any water balloons, you can do the same with them. If you don’t have either, just try it with a washcloth! You can also fill up a plastic or paper cup with water & try to balance it on a plastic or paper plate/tray as you walk from a starting line to a finish line (make sure you have permission from your parents before doing this, & don’t use anything that will break)!

Thursday - Throw It Thursday! - For those of you that love to throw, this is your day! You can see just how far you can throw the softball, baseball, tennis ball, football, or frisbee! If you don’t have any of those, ball up a pair of socks & throw those! You can also get a family member to throw with you, & you can throw back & forth to each other. Remember to watch it all the way & catch with your hands!

Friday - Favorite Fitness Friday! - So, what is your favorite physical activity? Choose whatever it is that you love to do to get exercise. This could be dancing, playing basketball or soccer, or performing jumping jacks or push-ups. If it’s something you did earlier in the week, that’s fine! Do whatever it is that makes you feel happy & healthy!

I look forward to seeing all the pictures & videos you send in this week!  Have fun!
Thank you,
Coach Skeen

May 22, 2020


Hello everyone! I hope you have enjoyed our “Field Day Challenge Week.” Thank you for taking the time to watch my videos each day.   I have enjoyed & appreciated seeing the pictures & videos that so many students sent in performing the activities! I know it was a challenge to get outside with the weather for most of this week. As I mentioned in my last couple of videos, the videos will remain up on our school website. You can do them at any time. You can also still send in pictures or videos to Mrs. Crotts or myself, & we will put them on the school website with the others. Speaking of that, I want to give a HUGE thank you to Mrs. Crotts, our media specialist. She has put my videos & pictures on Dojo, Facebook, & our school website every morning, as well as posting all of the pictures & videos that have come in from our families. Thank you so much Mrs. Crotts! To all of my Stars out there, I want to thank you for staying strong during this time & continuing to exercise. I’m so sorry we didn’t get to have our usual field day this year. I miss you all so much. Have a wonderful weekend, & I will talk to you again next week!



Coach Skeen

Remote P.E. Lesson #7


Hello Stars!  I hope you all have had a good week.  I have enjoyed seeing all of the items you have collected on your scavenger hunts!  I am going to provide you with 2 links below.  The first is from “GoNoodle,” & it is a set of videos from the NFL’s “Play 60.”  They have some great exercises for you to try, & they are led by Ryan Kerrigan, who plays defensive end for Washington.  The second link is a Kidz Bop dance to “Blinding Lights.”  I’ve got to get me some shoes like the kids you’ll see in this video!  See if you can keep up with them!  I hope you all are doing well, you know I’m missing you.  Keep getting that exercise!



Coach Skeen

Hello Stars! I want to thank you all for your hard work during this time. During your break, remember to get that exercise each day by doing things you enjoy! I hope you have a fun, safe summer!
Coach Skeen