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Welcome to the School Counselor's web-page!
If you are looking for a way to explain COVID19 and social distancing to your children here is a link to a free book written just for that purpose:
Remote learning resources
During this unprecedented time related to the Coronavirus, we understand that things can be stressful for everyone, adults and children alike.  While the children may not understand everything that is going on, they can still feel the tension from the adults.  Listed below are some links that both adults and children may benefit from when it comes to coping with stress and anxiety.
One of our favorite authors, Julia Cook, is coming to Facebook to do some live readings of her books!  Mrs. Coppley and Mrs. Kilcullen read several of her books throughout the school year to our students.  Her books are highly engaging and usually have a catchy phrase throughout that is easy for the students to remember.  Below is the schedule of Facebook events she is planning to do!
What is a School Counselor?

A counselor is a special person at your child's school for whom your child can talk when something is wrong. Children usually talk to a counselor if they are sad, mad, scared, frustrated, etc.  Some of the things a child can talk to a counselor about are:

  *If parents are fighting, separating or getting a divorce

  *If someone they care about moves away or dies (this includes pets)

  *If the child is upset or fighting with someone else

  *If they are having bad dreams

  *If they are having friend issues

Counselors can't make all the bad stuff go away but they are good listeners and will try to give your child the tools he/she needs to make things better.  What your child tells us is confidential, which means we can't tell anyone unless:

* he/she says it is ok to tell 

* if a child is being hurt

*if a child is in danger

*if a child is hurting themselves or others

 (If a child is being hurt, in danger or hurting themselves or others, then by law, we must get the person in need help). We may not be able to see your child the very second they ask because counselors can get very busy but we will see your child as quickly as we can.  Of course, emergency situations always have priority.


Other things a counselor may do include:

  • PST coordinator (Problem Solving Team )
  • 504 coordinator
  • TED team member (response team in the event of a death of a staff member or student enrolled in a Davidson County School )
  • Teach class guidance in each classroom
    • Teach character traits such as respect & responsibility
    • Teach lessons about Social and Emotional Learning
  • Counseling groups
  • Maintain student records