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School Counseling Services

Classroom Guidance Topics 2021-2022: 
We visit classrooms once every six weeks.
Bullying/Conflict Resolution
Second Rotation Self-Awareness
Third Rotation Self-Management 
Fourth Rotation Empathy/Diversity/Acceptance
Relational Skills
Sixth Rotation College and Career readiness
Small Groups:
Small groups are developed on an as needed basis to provide additional support to our students. Small groups is a wonderful way to provide an extra skill set to those students in need. Small groups are run throughout the year focusing on student success. 
Individual Counseling:
Students may refer themselves or their friends.  Students may also be referred to see me from parents, teachers, and administration.
Confidentiality and your family's privacy are important to me.  What you or your child discuss with a counselor is private except in cases required by law:
  • he/she says it is okay to tell
  • if a child is being hurt
  • if a child is in danger
  • if a child is hurting themselves or others (if a child is being hurt, in danger or hurting themselves or others, then by law we must get the person in need help).
Additional Services Provided:
504 Coordinator
Maintain Student Records
Consultation with parents and teachers
Community resource referrals (including services for longer term therapy)
TED team member (response team in the event of a death of a staff member or student enrolled in Davidson County Schools)